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An open source project and Python package that provides verification metrics of deterministic (and probabilistic from properscoring) forecasts with xarray.
lang: Python
stars: 215
last activity:
A Python package which is used to make short term forecasts for the energy sector.
lang: HTML
stars: 79
last activity:
nci / Scores
A Python package of mathematical functions for the verification, evaluation and optimisation of forecasts, predictions or models, primarily supporting the meteorological, climatological and geoscientific communities.
lang: Jupyter Notebook
stars: 17
last activity:
The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer is an integrated ecological bioinformatics toolbox.
lang: R
stars: 198
last activity:
Aims to be the primary package used to analyze output from initialized dynamical forecast models, ranging from short-term weather forecasts to long-term climate forecasts.
lang: Python
stars: 223
last activity: