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Discover a meaningful way to contribute to open source projects focused on climate technology and sustainability.

Harness the power of open source collaboration to tackle environmental challenges such as climate change, clean energy, biodiversity, and natural resource conservation. ClimateTriage brings you all the impactful projects that welcome new developers with Help Wanted and Good First Issues. Whether you're an experienced developer, a scientist, or a newcomer looking to contribute, we'll connect you with opportunities to use your skills to create a sustainable future.

The Importance of Open Source in Environmental Sustainability

Climate change and environmental sustainability are challenges that require reliable figures. Without software, we are unable to assess the state of our environment and how future technologies will affect it. How can we transparently and collaboratively decide what a sustainable future looks like without being influenced by manipulated calculations? The open source movement has shown how the software building blocks of our digital infrastructure can be developed collaboratively, securely, and transparently to us as users. This success story of collaborative innovation can now be applied to one of the greatest challenges of our time: preserving natural resources and stability for future generations.

Join the OpenSustain.tech Community

You have developed a documented and thriving open source project in the field of sustainability? Are you looking for new contributors to help you build a stable community? Simply add your project to OpenSustain.tech and label your issues as 'Good First Issue' or 'Help Wanted'. Ecosyste.ms will do the rest in the background and your project should soon appear on this website. Still interested but not sure how to get started? Read more about this project and how you can get involved in a impactful way.

Collaborative Efforts in Sustainable Development

Citizens, engineers, scientists, and developers from all sectors have shared their calculations, tools, and blueprints for a sustainable future. To support this emerging open source ecosystem, the OpenSustain.tech website lists all the active and high quality projects.

ClimateTriage: Your Gateway to Sustainability Projects

With ClimateTriage, we are now taking the next step and offering experienced developers, scientists or newcomers an entry point to join this movement. With the help of Ecosyste.ms, an open source analytics platform, we collected all projects listed on OpenSustain.tech with 'Help Wanted' and 'Good First Issues'.

Building Long-Term Relationships in Open Source Projects

Our goal is not to solve individual issues within the projects, but to build long-term relationships between the projects and new community members. Therefore, we highly recommend that all new contributors first comment their interest in each issue before jumping in and fixing it. Many of the projects require specialist domain knowledge and are directed at scientists and experts in the field. However, if you are interested in a long-term career in one of these domains, we have listed a number of beginner-friendly open source programming courses with sustainable use cases here.

Collaborative Partnerships

This development is a collaboration of Codeshark, Ecosyste.ms, Open Sustainable Technology, Open Corridor and Linux Foundation Energy.