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A community-driven ontology for the representation of environments.
lang: Makefile
stars: 126
last activity:
A philanthropically funded system to help people manage their local marine ecosystems in the face of increasing Ocean temperatures.
lang: TypeScript
stars: 32
last activity:
Geospatial processing toolbox for environmental and climate studies.
lang: Groovy
stars: 57
last activity:
A website dedicated to organizing groups of people to clean up the world we live in. Users create cleanup events, publicize them, and recruit people to join up, as well as ask for assistance from communities and partners.
lang: C#
stars: 26
last activity:
Open Food Facts is a collaborative, free and open database of food products from around the world.
lang: HTML
stars: 595
last activity:
Efficient analysis of spatial biodiversity datasets for global portfolios.
lang: R
stars: 24
last activity: