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A set of scripts and notebooks that compute and validate tropical cyclone (TC) potential intensity (PI) calculations in Python.
lang: Jupyter Notebook
stars: 64
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Provides easy access to the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts web API services and Copernicus Climate Data Store from within R, matching and expanding upon the ECMWF Python tools.
lang: R
stars: 97
last activity:
This toolbox allows you to easily access data and download hundreds of data sets associated with climate change for analysis in MATLAB.
lang: MATLAB
stars: 31
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A directory and analysis of the open source ecosystem in the areas of climate change, energy, biodiversity and natural resources.
lang: Unknown
stars: 1.8K
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Help us build the most accessible and accurate climate tech resource on the planet.
lang: JavaScript
stars: 62
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Independent Climate Accounting Network in support of Paris Agreement goals.
lang: TypeScript
stars: 34
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Search, download or stream NASA Earth science data with just a few lines of code.
lang: Python
stars: 330
last activity:
Access and analyze historical weather and climate data with Python.
lang: Python
stars: 352
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